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22 July 2024

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The Optimum Rights For Passenger and Cab Drivers. Some of Those Rights Are In Place In Some Jurisdictions.


Passenger’s Rights

Cab drivers do not have the right to refuse to pick up a passenger because the cab driver thinks the distance is too short.

Passenger has the right to ask you not to use your cell phone if it is not an emergency.

Cab drivers cannot refuse a passenger with a service dog.

Passenger has the right to have air conditioning and heater on or off upon request.

Cab drivers cannot smoke inside the cab while on duty.

Passenger has a right to pay with credit if the driver accept credit cards and the credit card processing machine is in good working condition. Be aware that some merchants could require a minimum charge for each transaction.

Unless requested by the passenger, dependent on the day, the time, the traffic and the road’s condition, the passenger is entitled to get the best economical route for his/her fare.

Passenger has the right to see the hack or operator’s license of the driver displayed on the dash board of the vehicle.










Cab Drivers’ Rights

Under the umbrella of the U.S. Bill of Rights and the antitrust law, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments and Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution as well as the Universal Declaration of United Nations, taxi-cab drivers have the right to obtain a medallion once the local government issues, them, their Hack license.

If the passenger refuses to give a minimum deposit for the fare the driver has the right not to pick up the passenger.

If the passenger smokes inside the cab, and the driver advises him or her to stop smoking, but he or she refuses to comply, the driver has a right to deny service to the passenger.

If the passenger is bleeding, and the driver believes that his health is at risk or if the passenger refuses to provide a valid address, you, the driver have the right not to provide transportation.

If the driver is dispatching to pick up a passenger, he has a right to refuse another fare.

If the passenger is procrastinating, using offensive language, screaming, or harassing you, the driver has the right to refuse transportation.

Drivers have a right to drive a vehicle equipped with a bullet-proof partition or bullet-proof cabin as well as a camera (not monitored by a third party) for security.














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