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22 February 2024

NYT > Taxi and Limousine Commission


Congress, US Department of Transportation, US Department of Commerce and US Department of Justice have the power to regulate this subject under the commerce clause of the US constitution.


At the passenger’s request, taxi-cabs usually cross state lines or several states in order to drop off their clients. For example, after September 11, 2001, several taxi-cab drivers in Miami, Florida received fares all the way to the State of New York and several other states because cruise lines tourists and other travelers were afraid and scared to commute by air. Unfortunately, some of those taxi-cab drivers are paid less than half of the fare because Congress does not cover taxi-cab under interstate commerce.


Consider a $3,000.00 taxi-cab fare after September 11, 2001 from Miami, Florida to Cincinnati, Ohio, ending up with the driver collecting only $1,000.00 from the passenger. The driver did not have opportunity to collect even a part of the remaining 66.67% of the total cost of the fare.


Also, taxi-cabs, which are operating in counties that are located close to or at the border of two or three different states always engage in interstate commerce daily, weekly or on a monthly or yearly basis. For example, cab drivers in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and other cities of the state of Florida usually drop fare in the State of Georgia and Alabama...etc. Drivers in the District of Colombia, the state of Maryland, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Nevada, etc usually engage in interstate commerce.


Taxi-cab is the only reasonably-priced form of transportation we have that can bring you from point A to point B, whatever the road condition and at anytime. It is fast, quick, on time and can go anywhere. Anyone can use it countrywide. It is time to make it more affordable to all US citizens, residents, and visitors. Deregulate taxi-cab industry and the medallion system as well as passing a federal legislation like this one is the first way to start.


This is why we need to set a new standard in mass and public transportation. Taxi-Cabs should have a larger section in the United States Code than 49 USC 13102 (20) (A) (B) (i) (ii) and a better section than 49 USC Section 13506 (a) (2). The drivers and the public will be very thankful to you if you can help them reach their goal. The section 13506 (a) (2) of title 49 should be eliminated and changed.










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