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22 July 2024

NYT > Taxi and Limousine Commission

Take Action

  • Call or write your member of Congress.

  • Sign the AATC petition and mail it to his or her office in Washington, D.C.

  • Get additional signatures from registered voters, your family members, your friends, your neighbors, co-workers, colleagues, etc.

  • Get and pay your membership fees. You do not need to be a taxi-cab driver to join us. You will get an associate membership if you are not a cab driver.

  • Give us a donation or get involved!

  • Help us call members of Congress, the Antitrust Section of the Department of Justice, the Secretary of Transportation, and the Surface Transportation Board of the Department of Transportation and tell them: “In order to guarantee a strong economy in all fifty states, there is a great need to deregulate taxi-cab medallions and the entire taxi-cab industry as they did for the airlines, trucking and railroad industries. The American people seek equal rights in the transportation industry.”

  • Learn your city or county codes as well as your State statutes and Title 49 of the United States Code. Look for violations.

  • Contact your county or city taxi-cab associations. Tell them that there is a need to endorse AATC’s proposal, mission and goals. If they do not agree with you, it means that association is not fully working in the interests of taxi-cab drivers and the public. It is just a magnet for current investors, companies and medallion’s owners. So, move on to another one in whatever jurisdiction you are or create a new taxi-cab association.

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